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Tired As A Mother - Self-Care for Busy Moms
(value $47)

From Toni-Ann Mayembe

Are you a mom a mom who feels like you’re running on empty? It’s time to fill your cup with Tire As A Mother – Self-Care for Busy Moms. 

This is not another worksheet with journal prompts and a bunch of affirmations. This is a practical step-by-step training and resource on how to use Maslow’s Heirachy of Needs to develop a personalized plan for your current season of life so that you can put your health and happiness first WITHOUT sacrificing your family. 

With video tutorials, workbooks, guides, and a Trello template, Tired As A Mother is a complete resource to help you recharge throughout the week so you’re cranky pants. 

It’s time to stop burning yourself out and constantly feeling overwhelmed. Tired As A Mother is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Clear Your Mind Clutter Workbook ($27 value)

by Alicia Cohen

The “Clear Your Mind Clutter Workbook” is an instructive workbook that comprehensively takes you through the process of going from a cluttered mind to a clear mind so you can be effective in your productivity and task management in your day-to-day life!

You will learn all about what is stopping you from having a clear mind and what to do about it, discover 5 important mindset shifts that you need to achieve a decluttered mind, and get the 20 key reflection questions and exercises that will take your mind from cluttered and scattered to calm and focused.

Montzi's Magical Quest – A Full Year of Family Fun Adventures ($29 value)

by Marina Berea

Step into ‘Montzi’s Magical Quest – A Full Year of Family Fun Adventures ‘, a fun-filled printable activity book that transforms family time into an enchanting adventure for kids aged 5-10. 

With 52 captivating quests blending magical tales, educational activities, and cherished moments of bonding, like DIY Time Capsule, Living Room Fort Building, Enchanted Photo Booth, Family’s Magical Museum, and many more, ‘Montzi’s Magical Quests’ will have kids and their grown-ups entertained for hours on end!

Essential Disney Cruise Planner ($27 value)

by Jenn Moore

This 35+ page planner is your ultimate resource for planning the perfect Disney cruise experience. From step-by-step planning to organized checklists, this guide will make sure you stay on track for the vacation of a lifetime!

Minerals for Mamas Workshop ($27 value)

by Vanda Aubrey

During this workshop I will teach you how to use the power of minerals to support your energy levels. Adding more minerals into your daily routine can help with energy, sleep, digestion, hair loss, acne, and more. Best of all–getting more minerals doesn’t have to be hard or confusing, I’ll show you how to make it easy!

Home Management Planner ($27 value)

by Corinne Schmitt

Effortlessly manage your home with our all-in-one Planner Bundle! Available in both printable and digital formats, it includes sections for finances, family, school, and essential home tasks like emergency contacts, to-dos, projects, and maintenance.

Productivity Made Easy Mastermind ($147 value)

by Becky Beach

With Productivity Made Easy Mastermind, I make it super easy for YOU to create your own schedule in order to grow or start your own business. After going through this course, you will know how to trick yourself into being more productive, even if all you want to do is watch Netflix all day! Get this amazing training now!

Minimalism Without Deprivation ($47 value)

by Sage Grayson

Minimalism Without Deprivation helps you embrace minimalism in a way that fits your time, budget, and lifestyle so you can increase your happiness and find balance in all the areas of your life.

Clothes Planner and Organizing Workbook ($24.99 value)

by Susan Santoro

Keep your own and your child’s wardrobes neat and stress-free with the comprehensive Clothes Planner and Organizing Workbook created by a certified professional organizer and mother of three. This 58-page resource contains tips and worksheets designed specifically for your unique wardrobe considerations and advice for the unique needs of children. Also included are clothes organizing hanging tags, bin labels and 3 pages of organizations to donate your clothing. It’s time to simplify your mornings and keep track of your clothing needs with this practical and engaging workbook!

Faith Over Fear: Finding Peace in the Storms of Life ($22 value)

by Wendy Wallace

Do you have obstacles in your life that you just can’t seem to overcome? Fear is spiritual warfare and the work of the enemy. This Christian Toolbox will not only help you work through your fear, it has tools to help you grow in gratitude, kindness, & positivity so that you can truly live in the joy & peace of the Lord that you are entitled to as His child.

How to Set Effective Boundaries as a People-Pleaser ($15 value)

by Justine Carino, LMHC

Psychotherapist and anxiety treatment specialist Justine Carino, LMHC has created a guide on how to help you set effective boundaries in your relationships as a chronic people-pleaser. This guide teaches you all about assertive communication skills, debunks myths around people-pleasing and provides scripts that you can copy and paste to help you say “no” with less guilt!

The Intentional Motherhood Planner ($27 value)

by Lauren Parker

The Intentional Motherhood Planner was designed to help you intentionally create a motherhood journey that’s FULL of joy, love and purpose. Includes journal prompts to help you prioritize, daily to-do lists to help you stay on task, and reviews to help you tweak your goals when things change (which is often with kids!). You can use this planner for both your personal and professional life.

The Ultimate Cricut Starter Pack ($27 value)

by Pat Servin

This Cricut pack includes cheat sheets and everything you need to get started using your Cricut machine. You’ll learn what mats to use with what material, where to get Cricut crafting supplies and more.

Super Mom Trellotastic Power Pack($37 value)

Contributed by Toni-Ann Mayembe

The Super Mom Trellotastic Power Pack is your ultimate toolkit for family organization. This power pack includes five essential Trello boards: 

– Chore Chart

– Emergency Preparedness

– Birthday Party Planner

– Weekly Family Schedule

– Home Maintenance Planner. 

Transform chaos into order and feel like Wonder Woman managing her daily life with these Trello board templates.

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