Welcome to the Real Happy Mom Podcast!

As a wife and mom that works full time as a dentist, part-time as a Navy reservist, I am in the trenches of the working mom life.

Because of the challenges and struggles of working moms, I created the Real Happy Mom Podcast.

On the Real Happy Mom Podcast, we interview REAL MOMS to chat about their REAL LIFE experiences. These experts and guests will help you navigate the motherhood journey by providing answers to your questions and concerns surrounding raising children, self-care, confidence & more 

We will have discussions that provide practical tips & resources that you can easily implement into your busy mom life.

"It’s easy to get caught up in the responsibilities of motherhood, work, and life and never stop to focus on refilling your own cup in a way that really helps you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Real Happy Mom podcast connects you with ideas and experts who offer ways of doing more for yourself than just taking a spa day every now and then. Keeping her podcast in my queue gives me the reminder I need to keep returning to what matters most and refueling in a meaningful way that allows me to be more present for my family and my life. Love Real Happy Mom and Toni Ann’s soothing, no nonsense voice!"
Chaya Malka

Podcast? What's that?

Real Happy Mom Podcast is an audio show. Consuming content to help you be a real happy mom should fit comfortably in your life.

An audio recording of this podcast gives you a chance to listen on the go anytime, anywhere. 

You can listen to a podcast on your personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. This makes it easy to listen to an episode while folding clothes or waiting in line to pick up the kids from school.

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Real Happy Mom Podcast 3

Are you new to the Real Happy Mom Podcast? This podcast has been around for 2 years now, so there is lots to choose from. But start with these popular episodes first:

Episode 74: Routines and Home Management Systems to Simplify Your Life with Keyona Grant

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Episode 75: Practical Tips for Parenting When You Are Stressed and Overwhelmed with Rachel Bailey

Real Happy Mom Podcast 3



Toni-Ann Mayembe sitting on couch

Meet Toni-Ann

Toni-Ann is the blogger and podcaster at Real Happy Mom. As a working mom with two little ones she understands the challenges of keeping it together as a mom.

Her passion is to help moms eliminate the overwhelm that most mothers experience through encouragement and practical systems and routines.

Toni-Ann believes motherhood can be fun and beautiful, but it’s also hard and challenging. She is here to help build a community of other real happy moms to share the best tips and systems to make mom life a little easier.

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